Industry leading standards is a must at IAC DeBono Corp. Capturing the highest quality X-ray images leading to a decisive course of action is our mission


We are proud to offer EKG’s and echo-cardiograms giving us the ability to monitor every aspect of our patients cardiac needs.


Live ultrasound imaging of various organs, blood vessels and other body parts ensures that our patients are cared for with the highest degree of ability. TCD test allows us to pinpoint any neurascular disorder.


Our team as well as working partners are available 7 days a week to all our patients as we guide you through the entire process from scheduling to home visit to our patients in depth medical report.


At IAC DeBono Corp we provide access to the best radiologists providing a comprehensive report to each and every exam performed.


Our mission at IAC DeBono Corp is to provide industry leading services to each patient, ensuring that we are able to provide the best possible healthcare at your doorstep and putting our patients first at all times